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About WindTeam

Founded in 2022, WindTeam is an international team and was born out of a shared passion for information security and the thrilling world of Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions. Our collective ambition is more than just winning; it's about fostering a community where knowledge and collaboration take the front seat.

Our primary goal is to continuously enhance our skills and to elevate our performance in CTF challenges.

Our Values

Teamwork, perseverance, and respect are the core values of WindTeam. We thrive on working together, knowing that each attempt and every effort makes us better. We value the journey of growth and the effort everyone puts in. In our team, respect for each other is key, and we always make sure everyone's opinions are heard.

Contact Us

Have questions about WindTeam, interested in collaborating with us, or any other inquiries? We'd love to hear from you! Reach out to us at ctfwindteam@gmail.com.